specifically in/around Baltimore and Baltimore County, where I grew up.
  1. My goal whenever I'm home is to eat as many crab dishes as possible, and crab cakes have always been my favorite. Here are some go-to's:
  2. Pappas Restaurant in Parkville
    Dive bar on one side, nice little restaurant on the other. Super popular with older folks, so there's usually a big crowd between 4-5. Huge crab cakes, no filler, so flavorful and good. When I am rich and famous like Oprah I will have these shipped to me wherever I live.
  3. McCabe's in Hampden
    Teeny tiny little bar/restaurant in an old basement. Everything on the menu is great (try the wings or ribs as an appetizer!), and the crab cakes are no exception.
  4. The Peppermill in Towson
    In a nondescript little shopping center/office building just off York road, this place is also really popular with the retirement crowd. They know what's up.
  5. Sanders Corner in Towson
    This place used to be one of my favorites, but now it's called "McFaul's IronHorse Tavern." As long as they didn't mess with the crab cake recipe, I'd still recommend. In a really pretty spot by Cromwell Valley.
  6. Dudas Tavern in Fells Point
    One of the oldest continually operated pubs in Baltimore- and Baltimore has a lot of super old pubs. So good.
  8. Crab dip or cream of crab soup as an appetizer basically anywhere
    The best crab dip is just cheesiness + crab meat + Old Bay, but some places will put in spinach or artichoke too. That's fine. I also prefer cream of crab soup to Maryland crab soup because you can't really go wrong with cream and sherry, IMO.
  9. Crab pretzel as an appetizer, at Bill Bateman's but also other places
    It's crab dip on top of a soft pretzel. AMAZING. Bateman's is a chain around Baltimore that definitely has good ones, but I've seen them other places too.
  10. Crab mac and cheese, anywhere
    My two favorite foods meet as one! It's a beautiful thing. Miss Shirley's by Loyola/Johns Hopkins has a really good one.
  11. Crab mac and cheese hot dog at Stuggys in Fells Point
    Hot dog + mac and cheese + crab meat + Old Bay. Done.