I feel like I'll never be hungry again
  1. Friday Lunch: The Farm Club at Mendocino Farms
  2. Friday Dinner: double cheeseburger at A-Frame
    one of my favorite restaurants in LA, always so fun and good
  3. Friday Dessert: cupcakes from Susie Cakes
  4. Saturday breakfast: breakfast burritos from Cofax
    just the best
  5. Saturday breakfast part II: donuts from Sidecar
  6. Saturday dinner: Sesame Chicken from Galanga Thai
    my favorite Thai place
  7. Saturday dessert: celebration cake from Susie Cakes
    straight sugar and deliciousness
  8. Sunday brunch: chicken and waffles from Messhall
  9. Sunday Super Bowl snacks: Chex Party Mix and Pizza Dip
    shoutout to @vailerin and @smwebs
  10. Sunday dinner: Rigatoni with mature English cheddar at Forma