It's almost 7 years since my mom died, so get ready for #deadmomMarch2k16!!
  1. When she'd say, "It's Friiiiiiday!" in the same singsong voice every Friday when she picked me and my sisters up from school
  2. Her handwriting
  3. Holding her hand while we crossed the street, even as a teenager
  4. The warm milk with vanilla and cinnamon she'd sometimes make for a special treat
  5. Her extreme attention to detail
  6. The perfect birthday parties she threw
  7. How she remembered all my friends', teachers', and distant acquaintances' names even when I only mentioned them once
  8. How she'd tease me for the way I pronounce "vegetable"
  9. How excited she got about going to Disney World
  10. How she'd wake me up for school in 6th grade
    The only year I had to wake up much earlier than my sisters, she would climb into bed with me, snuggle for a few minutes, and then kick me out to go get ready for school while she stayed in my warm bed. It made me so grumpy/happy.
  11. Sharing green bean fries with her at TGI Friday's
  12. Laying my head in her lap while she tweezed my eyebrows
    She was a fanatic about eyebrow maintenance (I was not) (she would have been waaay into saying "eyebrows on fleek" omg) and sometimes she would insist on tweezing my eyebrows for me. I always hated it, but now I miss it.
  13. How she'd say "when mommy's around, nothing bad can happen" when I was nervous about something
  14. Going to Starbucks with her when I was little and sharing a newspaper (I got the comics, she got the rest) while we drank our drinks (decaf tall skim latte for her and cocoa for me)
  15. When she'd try to synchronize our steps while we walked together and then I'd mess us up on purpose and she'd laugh and laugh
  16. When she'd get a twinkle in her eye and say, "I know where we should go..."
  17. That summer we took a calligraphy class together
  18. Playing war (the card game) with her on the porch on vacation
  19. Celebrating her birthday the whole month of December
    (Especially at cheesy touristy restaurants on winter break)
  20. How she loved rearranging furniture so much that she'd draw up little floorplans to help me decide how to set up my bedroom
  21. Her hugs
  22. She way she smelled
  23. When she'd wink at me from across the room
  24. How she stuck by me even when I was the biggest dork in the WORLD
  25. Her Jan Brady cheerleading impression omg 👌🏼
  26. Her laugh
  27. Playing word games with her while we were waiting places
  28. How cute she was with my dad
  29. How she'd force me onto thrill rides I ended up loving
  30. How soft her hands were
  31. Her dorky clothes
  32. Her STRONG opinions about things that didn't matter
  33. When we'd accidentally dress matching because we both had super boring wardrobes
  34. Watching What Not to Wear with her
  35. How she would just make our Halloween costumes with no instructions and they'd turn out super cute every time
    I was a butterfly two years in a row 🙃
  36. When she'd get super into a popular song out of nowhere
    The fact that she never got to hear Nicki Minaj KILLS me
  37. How fearless she was
    From jumping off the high dive as a little kid to getting stage 4 cancer at 46
  38. How she'd say, "I'm in the mood for something... round" when she wanted to order pizza
  39. Staying up late watching her make art projects
  40. How I always felt safe with her
  41. When she'd make gross "Mommy McMuffins" before school sometimes
    (Eggbeaters cooked in the microwave with dried chives and cheese on low cal wheat bread)
  42. How she was the most beautiful, elegant person in the world
  43. How she called herself an elf (like in The Shoemaker and the Elves) when she'd make something for us while we were sleeping
  44. The gap between her front teeth
  45. Rubbing sunscreen on her back when we went to the beach
  46. Her creativity and stubbornness
    We made this Chanukah gingerbread house to enter in a neighborhood contest when she was still doing chemo
  47. How she was the IKEA furniture-building one out of my two parents
  48. How she obsessively labeled all my stuff when I went off to college
    (Never getting rid of this poofy winter coat)
  49. When I'd tell her I was going to miss her (before she went out of town) and she'd reply, "you better!!"
  50. Having a grownup in my life who was so much like me and still turned out just fine