1. I love art you guys
    (That's Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on the TV, not Sarah Palin as Sarah Palin)
  2. "Le Phare du Four" by Philip Plisson
    I love this one because the lighthouse is getting hit with such big waves but it isn't fazed at all
  3. "City" by Rubyetc
    Ruby is an illustrator with depression/anxiety/eating disorder stuff who posts her art on tumblr just like me! Her art is so great.
  4. "Vanilla Bean Waffles" by Sara Cornellius
    Sarah has a food blog called Cake Over Steak where she does a beautiful illustration of each food she cooks. She's lovely and her art is lovely. We did an art swap with each other and I chose this piece because it reminds me to be more like Leslie Knope :)
  5. "Fresh Mint" by Sara Cornellius
    Also part of the art swap I did with Sara 🌿
  6. "Blue Nude II" by Henri Matisse
    I love this.
  7. "The Champ"
    I got this from a few months ago and can't find any information about the photographer?? Isn't it great though? 😍
  8. "pillHEAD" by Anthony Zinonos
    This kickass collage artist is the significant other of one of my illustration HEROES, Gemma Correll 🙌🏼
  9. Silhouette of my mom and me :')
  10. Chunk of a free desktop wallpaper from Design Love Fest I cropped and printed out
  11. This black and white photo of an old lady eating cotton candy
    Also an print I can't find any information on whoopsy
  12. Photo of oatmeal and figs I ripped out of a Real Simple magazine
    I'm going to replace this one because it is too small for the frame
  13. Abstract painting by Britt Bass
    This is currently my desktop wallpaper!
  14. Concept art for Cinderella's pumpkin carriage ripped out of a book on Disney animation my mom got for her 20th birthday
  15. Not on my wall yet: a crocheted piece made by a relative on my mom's side of the family that I need to find out more about
  16. Also not on my wall yet: a woodcut piece my Grandma's cousins brought her mother from Russia many years ago
    I want to learn more about it!! Why does one of the women appear to be in the process of getting beheaded?? 🤔
  17. More will be added eventually I'm sure... 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃