Please please make one of your own! I want to see all your baby faces! 👻
  1. Kindergarten
    The year I got a pixie cut and everyone teased me because I looked like a boy and had a boy's name too 😒
  2. First Grade
    No more pixie cut + autumn-themed turtleneck + sweater vest
  3. Second Grade
    I was super tan this year?? Also I obsessively wrote everyone's name above their pictures in this yearbook (very on-brand for me)
  4. Third Grade
    I got glasses this year so I drew them on my face 🤓
  5. Fourth Grade
    9 years old, somehow look like a small dorky teenager
  6. Fifth Grade
    I lost this yearbook! But rest assured my yearbook photo was awful.
  7. Sixth Grade
    Glasses AND braces (and a tattoo choker) ughhh
  8. Seventh Grade
    Glasses and braces part 2, worse than the first!
  9. Eighth Grade
    My middle school yearbook photos are like the phases of a Pokemon that just gets worse and worse as it ages
  10. Ninth Grade
    I finally got contacts and learned how to do my hair kind of!
  11. Tenth Grade
    This one's ok I guess. (Also still writing "ME!!" by my photo just in case I couldn't recognize my own face??)
  12. Eleventh Grade
    Nope nope nope I look shifty-eyed and bad
  13. Twelfth Grade
    In color because it's a ⭐️senior photo!⭐️ I remember the photographer getting mad because I guess I subconsciously tilt my head a little bit when I smile and it was ruining his shot
  14. Now (Twenty-First Grade??)