(Inspired by @olivi_ahh) Dark hair, kind eyes, goofy vibe (with a few exceptions)
  1. Adam Brody as Seth Cohen
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  2. Dan Radcliffe (always, but especially in that one movie about Ginsberg)
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  3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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  4. Dev Patel
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  5. Bill Hader
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  6. John Krasinski as Jim Halpert
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  7. John Cho omg
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  8. Jake Lacy
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  9. Jemaine Clement and his perfect gap-toothed smile
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  10. Jason Segel
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  11. Darren Criss DUH
  12. Paul Rudd
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    Thanks for the reminder @Marna!!
  13. Allison Williams as Peter Pan???
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    I don't know, you guys. Something happened that night.