I didn't get diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Social Phobia until I was 24, but I've totally had it forever 💀
  1. When I was convinced I would throw up or get a bloody nose if I took the school bus the 5 minute ride to school
  2. When my teacher thought I was physically ill because I was so nervous to go to gym class and it clearly showed on my face
  3. When I fought back tears every time a teacher scolded me the tiniest bit
  4. When I could barely eat for weeks because I was so anxious about my parents going out of town for a few days
  5. When I wet my pants because I was afraid to ask the teacher to go to the bathroom
  6. When I would spend the whole school year worrying about going to sleepover camp in the summer
  7. When I couldn't fall asleep and then would panic because I couldn't fall asleep
  8. When I had multiple "friends" who bossed me around and treated me badly and I couldn't leave the relationship because I was too scared they would be mad at me
  9. When I felt worthless every time I got a grade worse than a B+
  10. When I begged my mom to homeschool me because I was scared to go to school
  11. Blehhhhh