Her birthday was last week and I'm channeling my gloom into this list. (Also I added unrelated photos of her/us that make me happy!)
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    She was REALLY INTO (and really good at) old-school arcade games
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    She was especially into Centipede and Pac Man (NOT Ms. Pac Man) and was on the high score list at many arcades. She was known to have a callous on her thumb from violently moving the joystick. 😌
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    She loved Maroon 5??
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    Circa 2006 (the photo is from 1999ish)
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    She was fearless with theme park thrill rides
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    She told me I'd be a wimp if I didn't go on Mission: Space at Disney World with her even though I heard a rumor someone had died on it. I listened to her and ended up loving it.
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    One time, she fell off the couch because she was laughing so hard at a Rocko's Modern Life episode
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    I was probably 9 and we were watching Saturday morning cartoons. It was the episode where Rocko is giving a speech in front of lots of people with spinach stuck in his teeth. 😌
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    When she told a bad joke and no one laughed, she'd keep telling it louder and louder until someone would react
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    She often sang 1970s commercial jingles on car rides
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    🎶 Ooey gooey rich and chewy insiiiide! Tender flaky golden cakey outsiiiiide! You put the inside with the outside it's a big! Fig! Newton! It's a big! Fig! Newton! (one more time!) It's a big! Fig! NewTONNNN! 🎶
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    Her favorite movies were Mary Poppins and Yours, Mine, and Ours (with Lucille Ball)
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    She was the kindest person but she loved mean family gossip 😈
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    She dressed mostly in black (just like me!) and wore very little makeup except lipstick (just like me!)
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    Her favorite dessert was key lime pie and we ate it instead of cake for her birthday
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    She thought Nate Berkus was cute
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    She won "most creative" in high school
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    I could add to this list all day and it wouldn't scratch the surface
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    (This is the last picture I have of us together 💕)