I need this right now
  1. BoJack Horseman
  2. Mini steam facial from a hot cup of coffee
  3. Painting with real actual paint
  4. Hairy legs + high heels
  5. Freshly shaved legs + clean sheets
  6. Abbi and Ilana's friendship
  7. Children's artwork and also Cy Twombly
  8. Citrus fruits
  9. Cello music
  10. Gin and tonic with extra lime
  11. Stretching in the morning
  12. Scarves/blankets/blanket scarves
  13. Blush pink
  14. How Chanukah candles smell after they melt down all the way
  15. How Chanukah candles look after they melt down all the way
  16. Early morning McDonalds breakfast on road trips
  17. Post-crying endorphins
  18. Jeff Goldblum on late night talk shows
  19. Seat warmers
  20. Soup and half a sandwich
  21. Butts
  22. To be continued (because that's a thing you can do now!)