Inspired by @lgw
  1. Sandwich
    Grilled cheese with tomato on one of those breads with a # of grains in the name (5 grain, 9 grain, whatever), grilled in salted butter
  2. Alcoholic beverage
    Not-too-sweet hard cider, out of the bottle
  3. Starbucks order (normal cup)
    Tall soy latte (even though I'm supposed to limit my soy because it can lead to breast cancer)
  4. Starbucks order (red cup)
    Grande nonfat peppermint mocha + a piece of pumpkin bread if it's that kind of a day
  5. Movie
    Drama-with-jokes with a compelling female lead; part of the plot can be romantic but it's not the main point; color scheme involves some pastels
  6. Movie theater snack
    Bag of assorted sour gummy candies from the bulk candy section
  7. Brunch
    Half a plain bagel with chive schmear, lox, and large tomato slice that extends to the edges of the bagel; piece of cheese blintz casserole; fruit salad with absolutely no melon involved
  8. Vacation
    About a week alternating between two types of days: 1) waking up early to explore a planned thing (theme park, museum, etc.) and then back to the hotel for room service; and 2) having a lazy day at the beach and then getting freshened up to go to a special dinner place at night (preferably one with twinkle lights)
  9. Friendship
    Brief super-communicative spurts separated by stretches of silence that don't feel awkward; love is never a question; deep talks punctuated by belly laughs