So many!!! This is just a selection! 😍
  1. Food blogger with cozy photos
  2. Illustrator
  3. Lifestyle blogger
  4. Poet
  5. Ballerina!
  6. Internet pal/incredible cookie decorator!!
  7. French fashion blogger with the most aesthetically pleasing life in the world (and also the cutest baby in the world)
  8. Lifestyle/design blogger
  9. Illustrator I admire
  10. Wonderful body-positive illustrator
  11. Delicate tattoo artist I love so much
  12. Internet pal/amazing amazing calligrapher
  13. She hand makes every single one of these beautiful banners! The YES one is on my wish list.
  14. Artist with a perfect apartment I covet
  15. Letterer/illustrator I admire
  16. Creative director I admire so hard. Her feed is one of my top favorites ever!
  17. Illustrator I admire
  18. Illustrator I admire
  19. Food blogger/food stylist who uses sprinkles very liberally 🙌🏼
  20. Illustrator I admire
  21. My hero ❤️❤️❤️