To me, there is no better way to unwind after a hard day than to curl up with a funny podcast and a distracting iPhone game. How bout you?
  1. Alto's Adventure
    The entire premise of this game is that you are snowboarding through the mountains to catch your runaway llamas!!! It has easy controls, reeeally relaxing music, and a super-beautiful setting with a full sunset-sunrise cycle that makes the game feel cozy.
  2. Flow Free
    Connect the matching colored dots so that every square on the board is filled with color. The game equivalent of knitting 👍🏼. Also every time you connect two dots, there's a water droplet sound effect that calms me right down.
  3. Candy Crush
    Say what you want about the annoying Facebook notifications, but this game has a bajillion different fun and satisfying levels that will take your mind off of your lingering anxiety if you let them!
  4. Blockheads
    Apparently a lot like Minecraft (which I have never played). This game is open-world and you can dig for jewels and plant sunflowers and I like it a lot.
  5. Where's My Water?
    Help this friendly alligator take a bath by digging a path for water to flow into his pipes! This game is made by Disney and things with a Disney vibe always make me feel safe and relaxed. A+
  6. Monument Valley
    Calming Escher-inspired puzzles and soothing music and sound effects + design so beautiful I literally gasped at one point while playing 😍
  7. République
    The most like a full video game on this list and the most expensive too (but worth it, in my opinion). République is about a badass young woman escaping a 1984-ish near-future totalitarian state. It's a stealth game, so you spend most of your time hiding (my forte, ahem). The story is gradually revealed as you play, and it's super compelling and exciting. Highly recommend!
  8. Neko Atsume (obv)
    Lure adorable kitties into your yard and they reward you with fish and mementos!! There's a reason this game spawned a thousand lists ❤️
  9. Do you have any recommendations??