I ❤️ my job. These are just the icky parts.
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    Negotiating contracts
    I'm an artist, not a lawyer!!
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    When people's orders get lost in the mail
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    When people's orders get lost in the mail and they blame me
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    Figuring out what to charge friends who want to order custom work
    Friends and money are both 👍🏼, but it's never not awkward to tell friends a dollar amount to pay me
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    Cutting cardstock for prints
    Why is it so hard to find cheap 5x7" cardstock??? I feel like I've spent half my life doing this.
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    The (very rare) snippy client
    If you buy on Etsy, remember that you are working with a real living person, not a corporation! Being friendly, or, at the very least, polite will make things so much better for everyone involved.
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    Keeping my cat from chewing on print orders while I pack them
    He's a monster and I love him so much!!
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    Emailing out a finished portrait only to hear "it doesn't look like them"
    My least favorite feedback. It feels overly judgmental in a way that "make the nose narrower" or "lighten the hair" doesn't. Also, it's so vague! What ABOUT the portrait doesn't look like the person? Help me help you!
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    When people offer outrageously low $ for custom work.
    $15 for a portrait that takes me 8 hours to draw? No thanks I'd like to keep paying my bills please.
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    When customers are unhappy with their prints
    This is pretty rare and unavoidable in small businesses, but it feels like a smack in the face every time. 😩
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    Don't do it!!!!!!