1. Living on a farm hours from civilization, waking up every morning when it's still dark outside, drinking black coffee while feeding the chickens
  2. Frazzled personal assistant to someone rich and important (à la Devil Wears Prada)
  3. Super attentive suburban stay-at-home mom who bakes snickerdoodles from scratch for her kids' bake sales
  4. Business person who has to travel so much she lives out of a suitcase
  5. Someone who does one of those extremely long solo hikes across the country and documents it
  6. Construction worker
  7. Raw food vegan
  8. Being a trophy wife 👍
    Suggested by @courtneymoss
  9. White-collar criminal on house arrest
    Court-mandated chilling out in a mansion sounds great
    Suggested by @sarahgorman
  10. Living on a farm, wandering around and talking to my flock of sheep, with my herding dog keeping them all in line.
    Suggested by @e