(I needed to write something to counteract my last list!! The gloom was taking over!)
  1. When a dog strains against its leash to come say hello to you
  2. When your bra and underwear are the same color for once!
    All my bra-wearers know what's up 🙌🏼
  3. Sitting on the couch with a blanket on your lap
  4. Finishing a book and putting it back on the shelf
  5. Instant hot cocoa with Redi-Whip
    I have started adding this to my evening routine ☕️ #selfcare
  6. Stopping what you're doing to look at the sunset
  7. Sprinkles (especially rainbow sprinkles)
    They're never essential but they make life so much better
  8. When you get the elevator to yourself and the person who was there before you was wearing really nice-smelling perfume
  9. Giving compliments to strangers
    (Non-creepy ones only)
  10. Receiving compliments from strangers
    (Non-creepy ones only)
  11. Closing the door after the pizza man leaves
  12. Stretching
  13. When a baby smiles at you without its parent noticing
  14. Hot hot hot showers
  15. Laughing out loud at something silly on the internet
  16. The mere existence of cat paws 🐾