Vulnerability ahhhh
  1. Age: 26
  2. Height: 5'8" or maybe 5'9"
  3. Age I last felt comfortable showing my midriff: 5
  4. Age my parents put me on Weight Watchers even though I was at a healthy weight: 13
  5. Former teachers I awkwardly ran into at Weight Watchers meetings: 1
  6. Pounds I gained on my period and was convinced it was my fault: 1
  7. Age when kids at sleepover camp made fun of my body: 12
  8. Times an actual doctor told me to watch my weight: 1
  9. Daily calories I allowed myself to eat in late high school/early college: 1000
  10. Daily calories I'd inevitably end up eating and then hating myself: 1200
  11. Ounces of water I chugged before every meal to curb my hunger: 16
  12. Days the restriction would last before I'd start bingeing again: 10ish
  13. Times my mom told me to suck in my stomach growing up: 1 billion
  14. Sisters of mine who are recovering from eating disorders: 2 (out of 2)
  15. Times I have let my body image ruin my whole day: 1 bajillion
  16. Days I have hope it will get better: a lot of them
  17. Shoe size: 8.5