1. The Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan one)
    The best!!! I saw it in theaters when I was little and adored it immediately. My sisters and I quote it nonstop. Also Natasha Richardson is a perfect maternal angel who reminds me very very much of my mom. 👼🏻
  2. The Holiday
    The #1 coziest romantic comedy!!! You can't convince me otherwise! Kate Winslet is a dream.
  3. The Princess Diaries (the first one ONLY)
    I feel more like myself every time I watch this. Mia Thermopolis (pre-makeover) is my patronus.
  4. Mulan
    Perfect for when you want to feel empowered AND belt Disney songs to your cat!! 💪🏼
  5. A Little Princess
    (I love princess movies OK) This is the first movie I ever saw in a theater! It's heartbreaking and beautiful and magical. 💯
  6. Midnight in Paris
    I feel icky about having a Woody Allen movie on this list but the whimsy in Midnight in Paris is unmatched. Also: Tom Hiddleston as F. Scott Fitzgerald 💕💕💕
  7. Obvious Child
    The scene at the Italian restaurant where Max warms up Donna's butter before handing it to her is literally porn 🔥🔥🔥
  8. Fight Club
    Not on-brand for me but I like it a lot. There's a badass character named Tyler which adds to my street cred I think??
  9. Amélie!!!
    Shy girls 4 lyfe!!! Perfect aesthetic!! Helps me practice my français!! Parfait! 🇳🇱
  10. Waitress
    When I heard Sara Bareilles (a FAVORITE artist of mine) was making a musical out of this movie I figuratively hyperventilated. A perfect quirky jewel box of a movie. Makes me cry AND laugh out loud every time I watch it.
  11. The Giant Mechanical Man
    A new addition to the list! Will warm your cold, dead heart.