I've been doing my grocery shopping almost exclusively at Trader Joe's for like a year now and this is what I have learned:
  1. Ginger cashew almond granola
    Petition for raisins to always be substituted with bigass chunks of spicy ginger like in this perfect cereal
  2. Avocado's number guacamole
    Comes in two little trays so it doesn't go bad as quickly. I will eat a whole tray on baby carrots in one sitting. 💯
  3. Frozen strawberries
    They taste better than the Dole crap and make A+ smoothies
  4. Mini croissants (frozen)
    Called "mini" but they're the size of a full croissant. Put one out to rise before you go to bed, bake it while you brush your teeth the next morning, and have yourself the scrumptious fancypants breakfast that you deserve
  5. Spicy peanut vinaigrette
    I use this in a quickie stir fry with kale and brown rice and it's so good
  6. Strawberry preserves
    Once I stirred some of this into buttercream for cupcakes and it was a magical experience. Also great on toast!
  7. Paneer tikka masala
    All hail this perfect meal 🙏🏼
  8. Pretzel buns
    I'm not a big pretzel fan but these don't taste like pretzels, they taste like chewy, dense, delicious pillows for your veggie burger
  9. Unsalted dry toasted almonds (sliced or slivered)
    This sounds like the most boring food ever, but they have a wondrous toasty flavor and I like to sprinkle them on everything
  10. Multigrain sandwich bread
    It's a little bit sweet and so much chewier and better than regular sliced bread 👌🏼
  11. Wonton soup (frozen)
    Really really good when you have a cold (or any other time)
  12. Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds
    Why hasn't this always been a thing