Inspired by @mirthnuts and everyone
  1. We link pinkies when the plane takes off and you don't make fun of me for being superstitious
  2. We always wisecrack during movies but shut the F up during good TV episodes
  3. We dramatically read our fortune cookie fortunes to each other whenever we get Chinese food
  4. We sometimes wear matching socks in the wintertime when no one can see
  5. I bake you a birthday cake every year and you bring me the first pumpkin spice latte of the season
  6. We stroll through Costco with our arms around each other but never make out on the train
  7. You hug me and treat me gently on all the sensitive dead-mom days and I don't have to remind you when they are
  8. We have a secret signal for when we want to French exit a party
  9. We're always one of the first couples on the dance floor
  10. I build all of our IKEA furniture and you get a kick out of it
  11. We get our wedding rings on etsy and write the maker a glowing review
  12. I draw you like one of my French girls 😏