This was one weird weird emotional weekend but you all were SO KIND in my last list I may have been moved to tears a couple times. I'm glad it's over! Let's focus on the good parts!
  1. Bonding with my new step-siblings over how uncomfortable we all were
  2. Seeing both of my sisters at once
    A rare luxury!!
  3. Nice compliments from new relatives on the ketubah I made for my dad and Amy
    That Aramaic was hard!
  4. When my uncle (dad's brother) came up to me at the rehearsal dinner to acknowledge how weird sad this weekend was for me
  5. Finding a great pair of heels that aren't THAT hard to walk in
  6. Doing the hora with my new step mom's 97 (!!!!) year old mother
    She's sharp as a tack and so sweet and spunky
  7. Also doing the hora with my hilarious brother-in-law who isn't Jewish but LOVES the hora
    A true gem of a person
  8. Excellent shower pressure in the hotel bathroom
  9. Seeing my baby cousin who is the smushiest most delicious baby in the world
  10. Delicious delicious wedding cake
  11. Seeing my dad SO HAPPY
    He was glowing 🌞