I spend so much time (SO MUCH) thinking about all the parts of my body that I dislike, so I'm doing this as an exercise in body positivity ✨
  1. My feet
    They're long and narrow and a size that's easy to find in stores, and my toes are always polished
  2. My hairy forearms
    They make me feel like me
  3. The faded stretch marks on my hips
    They make my hips look like I've been struck by lightning in a badass way
  4. The small mole in the middle of my back
    It feels elegant somehow??
  5. My wrists
    The only part of me that could be classified as dainty tbh
  6. My ears
    They're fine
  7. My eyes
    I don't know why dark brown eyes are never glorified because I've always liked them a lot
  8. My legs
    I'm a little bit knock-kneed and I'll never have a thigh gap but who cares
  9. My brain
    It's more of a love/hate relationship for this one