1. I'm a bridesmaid in my sister's wedding this weekend
    and wearing a dress that highlights my waist (a body part I usually hide) and shows my upper arms (another body part I usually hide)
  2. I think the dress is super pretty BUT I am increasingly dreading seeing photos of myself
    (especially taken from the side) and possibly looking like I'm preggo
  3. Anyway I am in need of some emergency body confidence tips y'all
    Especially from apple-shaped, round-tummied, busty-as-F girls like me
  4. If you have any wisdom for me, please share it as a suggestion!! Thank you pals! 😘
  5. I try to focus on the parts of my body that I really like about myself even if it's only my calves or my clavicle. I think our eyes are really naturally drawn to what we see as "problem areas" and we magnify those, so I try to consciously compensate for that! I know that feeling of dreading pictures but hang in there, you really do look GREAT
    Suggested by @dubstep
  6. Look at your body from farther away
    I know that sounds so random but it works for me. I've realized that when I'm close to the mirror (like in a dressing room) I focus in on every part of my body that I wish was different. I just feel big. But if I stand back, like 10 feet, then I start to see how, sure, I'm not a size zero but my body is generally proportionate and I like my curves and I like the way I look. It's just a mind game but it works for me. (And let me say again, you look AWESOME. ❤️)
    Suggested by @jessnobs
  7. I was asked to make a list about all the things I liked about the way I looked. I had to do this once a month for three months. Then I had to start doing it once a week. Then three times a week and then daily. The trick was I could not repeat any of the items. It was SO hard at first but it is a practice I still remind myself to exercise now
    Suggested by @karlalucia
  8. Tyler, please know that I loathe the term "smoke show" but hot damn is it the only applicable descriptor for you in that dress!! That shade is bananas on you and is so complimentary to your coloring! You look fantastic!! Truly.
    As for advice, I try to remember how little I remember/care about what other people are wearing anywhere I go. Most of the time, people are so concerned with their own insecurities that they aren't even registering anything anyone else is doing, unless they're literally on fire. Just try to get out of your own head and have FUN. You look like an actual angel, and this is going to be such a big day for your sister. Don't let the jerks in your brain win by trying to suck the magic out of the day.
    Suggested by @samanthaslade
  9. Think about parts of your appearance that you love right before the wedding. For example Im sure you love your hair (I know i do, it's beautiful). Also remember that no one is going to be looking at you or judging you, everyone will be staring at your sister on her wedding day. A day that is supposed to be happy and not ruined by worrying about
    Appearances. I'm a teenage girl in high school so I know what it is like to feel insecure, but you know what I also tell myself? Be confident. If you act and feel beautiful, everyone will think you are beautiful (which judging by those photos you really are ) If you think you aren't pretty, how do you expect other people to think that? Do you know what I mean? I have seen okay looking girls be the most desired girls in the school just because of the way they act and how confident they are.
    Suggested by @ECullz
  10. I remember that I am not the center of the world, not everybody is looking at me and my flaws. Actually everybody is very self-centered and self anxious. My therapist used to tell me that often. So most people won't remember how you looked like a few minutes after leaving. (also you are gorgeous and most people see the charm more than the curves.)
    Suggested by @solena
  11. Try photographing yourself wearing the dress in your most cocky and confident best babe ways so that you have 'fuck yeah I'm all powerful' feels when you wear it on the day!
    Also could try wearin clothes that highlight those body bits you feel uncomfortable about in the days leading up to the wedding, it might help you build up a lil confidence and have you thinkin "these past few days have been smoothy smooth, this bopo sweetness really isn't any big thing, and I'm a sweet angel who looks and feels glorious in this gown of gowns" (but really you do truly look glorious and I hope you have a lovely time and also it is late here so I hope this doesn't sound too manic)
    Suggested by @alanarogerrrrs
  12. Fake it till you make it
    First: you look gorgeous!!! I think I have pretty much your figure plus a little more around the tummy. What helps me, is focusing on posture, I'm always a little afraid to stand up high because I feel my boobs stick out, but it makes you look slimmer and it really does help with self confidence it's weird, but it works. Tell yourself you look gorgeous right before you go out. What helps me too, is channeling my inner macho man. they never doubt themselves no matter how ridiculous they look 😄
    Suggested by @carlastern
  13. First of all, you look amazing in that dress. So as a third party outsider, I say you rock it girl! However, I relate, when I was in my brothers wedding last year I felt the same way, like the dress highlighted everything I didn't like about my body. So I hyper focused in on what the dress did to my body that I actually did like.
    And when that wasn't enough I focused in on what I liked about myself and personality instead. Sometimes when we can't help but feel down - you fake it till you start to believe it. And girl, believe it!
    Suggested by @GramsMadison
  14. As someone with terrible body image for good reason I can say 1 tip: photos are not flattering and I hear they take a lot at weddings so don't judge how you looked based on the photos.
    In group shots make sure to have great posture!
    Suggested by @lizabeth
  15. First, this dress looks so good on you! But here's what I do when I'm down. Step awayyyy from the dress for now. Try to let it go. Between now & then do some things that make ya feel amazing about yourself. Wear cute undies and do your hair & makeup in a way that makes you feel incredible. Use the mirror ONLY for hair/makeup that day. No obsessing!
    If you're so inclined, send some dress selfies to your most trusted crew to shower you with compliments. Breathe! Remember that you're there for the bride & groom & anyone judging the pics is gonna be judging them rather than you 😎have a drink if all else fails & remember it's one night in one dress! You're an amazing person and the dress does NOTHING to change that. ✨✨
    Suggested by @aliciamcelhaney
  16. You look stunning! My advice is to pull out this list, read it right before you have to start taking photos and remember there's a whole bunch of people out there admiring you! Have fun and mazel tov!
    Suggested by @loriatx