Working through my anxiety one tiny baby step at a time 💃🏻
  1. I'm currently on the train to go hang out with some good friends from college
    Progress: I used to be avoidant of: taking the train (especially at night), seeing old friends
  2. My nails are freshly manicured
    Progress: Yesterday I had my first manicure in many, many years. I only went because my future stepmom invited me and I still felt v. anxious the whole time, but now my nails look all nice.
  3. I'm stressing about work I have to do
    Progress: I have grown my business so I consistently have work.
  4. My voting receipt fell out of my purse as I grabbed my wallet
    Progress: I voted in person for the first time yesterday!! I was going to vote by mail so I didn't have to do a scary bureaucratic thing but I pushed myself and it turned out to be super easy.
  5. I remembered an umbrella!!
    Progress: I remembered an umbrella!! ☂