Photo dump from a box of old papers I found in the garage here we goooooo
  1. "Uncle Rob with Snake" at age 3 and a half
    Getting a real Cy Twombly vibe from this one. Also: my uncle Rob has never had a snake or expressed any interest in them??
  2. "Cinderella when she woke up with a nightgown with buttons and a sleeping cap"
    I'm gonna have nightmares from looking at this
  3. "Peter Pan's Flight" (the ride from Disney World)
    Buck teeth on fleek
  4. Mermaid wedding, age 4 or 5 probably
    Note the shoes on the tips of the fins
  5. More Uncle Rob and family, probably age 5 or so
  6. The cheesiest drawing about friendship from my first grade portfolio, age 6
  7. First grade self-portrait
    I remember always drawing my self portraits on swings because I loved them so much
  8. Princess with a wardrobe malfunction, age 7
  9. Me and my friends Jana and Rie on Jana's swing set I coveted SO HARD, age 8
  10. Skipping ahead several years to this cake I painted for art class in 9th grade, age 15
  11. Self portrait exercise from 12th grade, age 17
  12. My style hasn't changed much since I was in elementary school so I guess it pays to draw like a first grader 🤓