These are the most helpful things people have said during my low points. I'd love to hear yours!
  1. "I can't imagine what you've been through."
    Ten times better than "I know how you feel" because you probably don't! Validation is key!
  2. "You've been through so much."
    Validate validate validate!!
  3. "You don't deserve this."
    A v. important reminder and good antidote to "everything happens for a reason."
  4. [funny or charming story about the person who died] (if applicable)
    When my mom died, all I wanted to hear were people's stories about how special she was! This one's a winner.
  5. "I care about you."
    More personal than the "thoughts and prayers" mumbo jumbo.
  6. "I'm here whenever you're ready." (and then be there when they're ready)
    This is great to hear if you're not up to talking just yet. It's also so helpful to know you still have support even after time has passed.
  7. "You're so brave."