I'm exhausted from Renegade, delirious from a cold, and in a good mood from an exciting phone call. Let's do some dreamin' 💭
  1. The location:
    Long wood picnic table on the deck of my imaginary brownstone at dusk, twinkle lights and candles aplenty
  2. The menu:
    Wine and hard cider, a pasta dish, a good salad, bruschetta, fruit crumble (all cooked by me) with vanilla ice cream from a trendy ice cream place. Also the guests bring weird/cool snacks from their travels for everyone to taste.
  3. The weather:
    Mid 60s and breezy, the leaves have changed color but haven't all fallen yet
  4. The dress code:
    Cozy chic, and in my dream no one makes fun of me for wanting the dress code to be cozy chic
  5. The guest list:
    Colbert (bearded) and wife, Tina Fey and husband, Lily Tomlin and partner, Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep (in character from Julie and Julia) my imaginary husband, my sisters and their people
  6. The music:
    Ella Fitzgerald, Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder
  7. The entertainment:
    A rousing game of Cards Against Humanity ending in a 14-way tie because we are all hilarious, then someone brings out a guitar and Colbert strums and leads us in a sleepy/tipsy campfire singalong
  8. Everyone leaves by 11 and I go right to bed