Jew-ish 🤔
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    I like gefilte fish
    The kind that comes in a can is so much yummier than the kind that comes in a jar
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    I can read Hebrew at about a first grade level but I don't know what any of it means
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    I've had a lot of arguments with family about marrying within the religion
    (Not a priority for me)
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    I feel at home in a Jewish deli
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    I haven't observed Pesach in a few years and I feel 50% guilty about it
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    I get eye-rolly in synagogues but I also feel peaceful and nostalgic
    (But mostly eye-rolly)
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    I know all the fun Hebrew prayers and songs by heart but none of the boring ones
    The one in the picture, Adon Olam, is fun because it can be sung to a bajillion different tunes (like Yankee Doodle)
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    My vocabulary is full of Yiddish words and phrases
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    The comedy CD "You Don't Have to Be Jewish" is the foundation of my sense of humor
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    The smell of Jewishy lox-and-bagels brunch is the most comforting and best thing
    No capers or dill!!
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    I went to Jewish sleepaway camp for 1 summer and had an ok time
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    I LOVE Christmastime in a very un-ironic way
    But I don't celebrate it!
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    I don't keep kosher as an adult, but I've never eaten a pork chop in my life
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    I feel ??? about believing in God