These months have been a pile of 💩 but that doesn't mean there haven't been nice parts!
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    Lisa Hanawalt
    She's the illustrator behind BoJack Horseman and is the first person I've seen who has figured out how to blend drawing and witty/emotional TV into one career (my dream!). Also she's struggled with anxiety and agoraphobia just like me!! NEW HERO.
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    Sleep With Me podcast
    The podcast that bores you to sleep on purpose! It sounds silly but this podcast is soothing AF and I've never made it past the intro before heading into snoozeland.
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    Dove strawberry sorbet bars with milk chocolate
    Literally the perfect summer dessert!!! 🍓🍫
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    Ingrid Nilsen
    I've been a fan of this beauty youtuber for years but ever since she came out last summer, she's become this body-positive feminist warrior and my love for her has skyrocketed!! Also her aesthetic is 💯💯💯
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    Updating my illustration style a little bit
    I'm working on transitioning into a slightly more painterly style with fewer black outlines and am having lots of fun doing it
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    My sistas
    I truly don't know how I would have gotten through this summer without their pep talks ❤️❤️❤️
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    The comments and suggestions on this list of mine
    You guys helped more than you know :')