THINGS I'M INTO LATELY (November and December 2016)

  1. Not shaving 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
    I'm probably not going to be a Never Shave person but I am LOVING having the option!!!
  2. The extra supportive community that rose out of my usual internet spaces after the election
    I feel like we've all been extra here for each other lately ❤️
  3. Craft fair-ing until I drop
    I loved meeting a bunch of you!! And I met some really great fellow artists including...
  4. THREE STREETS pottery
    The cutest and nicest ladies with the cutest and nicest booth! We did a swap after Renegade and now I have the most beautiful hand-thrown constellation mug with a shiny gold handle and I love it so much!!
  5. Adding to my gallery wall
    Always a good time!
  6. My new beautiful garland of paper puppets made by @lilybeansmommy's precious daughter
    I'm so lucky to be pen pals with such a talented artist!
  7. This new shirt from Got a Girl Crush
    It is SO COMFY TOO you guys
  8. Mystery Hot Guy from the Creamette pasta hulu commercials
  9. And as always, my dear marshmallow fluff monster
    Which is which? I can't tell!!