1. Putting pomegranate seeds on everything
    They're tart and juicy and I love them on salads and yogurt bowls! If you buy a whole pomegranate, it's cheaper and includes the satisfying task of removing the seeds.
  2. My new couch
    I found it on Craigslist for less than half of what it cost at Ikea!! It's gray and comfy and not a ratty piece o crap like my old couch!
  3. Black Mirror
    I rarely cry during movies and TV (although I do get choked up a lot) but the San Junipero episode made me SOB, like, for a long time
  4. Baked potatoes!
    How has it taken me so long to get into this perfect freelance lunch
  5. Greek mythology-inspired illustration
    Workin' on a new logo to reflect this obsession 👆🏼
  6. Modkat litter box 🤘🏼
    Keeps Mr. Fuzzy from tracking litter all around the apartment, and look how sleek and un-gross it looks!
  7. Said Mr. Fuzzy
    I love him so much
  8. Ahhh I almost forgot... Broad City!!
    In love!!! I feel such a kinship with Abbi omg 😍