(although I do remember kind of liking trig)
  1. Inspired by this old drawing of mine
  2. How to fold a fitted sheet
  3. How to pick the best health insurance policy if you are self-employed and see a therapist twice a week
  4. How to make a phone call to the health insurance people and actually understand what they tell you
  5. How to negotiate fees with clients via email
  6. How to negotiate fees with clients over the phone without having a mental breakdown
  7. How to draw feet from the front
  8. How to deal with losing a parent
  9. What to do at the post office/DMV/social security office/any other bureaucratic place where there are no instructions on the wall when you get there
  10. How to write casual-yet-professional business emails
  11. How to exercise in a non-self-punishing way
  12. How to do subtle eye makeup without looking like you got punched in the face
  13. How to hold your own when people are mean to you
  14. How to feed yourself when you have Whole Foods taste and a Walmart budget and a mild-to-moderate undiagnosed eating disorder
  15. How to make natural-sounding small talk
  16. How to not fixate on past failures
  17. How to get cat hair off furniture
  18. How to trim your own bangs
  19. How to care for yourself when you're under the weather and living alone
  20. How to disregard bad advice
  21. How to end friendships that aren't working
  22. How to genuinely feel ok
  23. How to persuade the officers that the moose was like that when you found it.
    Suggested by @slate