Aka Tales From My First Renegade in LA
  1. Being surprised at my booth by someone I've been avoiding/having stress dreams about for YEARS
  2. Seeing an old friend I haven't seen since high school pop by my booth
  3. Meeting a longtime internet pal IRL for the first time!
  4. Seeing li.st pals IRL and talking about BJ like he's our mutual friend 👍🏼
  5. Seeing a buzzfeed star(?) I have the daintiest of crushes on walk into my booth like it ain't no thing
    I'm still blushing??
  6. Getting my first full-blown negative review on etsy 😕😕😕
  7. Bonding with a stranger over our mutual love of @boygirlparty
    She was wearing the sloth pin and I recognized it right away!! She was very impressed when I said Susie was my pal 😎
  8. Being approached about a reality show????
  9. Thanks for all the fun, LA!