In 2016, I'm not allowing myself to declare it a bad day until I've done some (or all) of the things on this list. 🌿
  1. Hot shower + Amazing Grace shower gel + brush teeth + clean pajamas and socks (at any time of day)
  2. Vacuum and wash the floors in my apartment
  3. Lay flat on my back on the ground with eyes closed for a few minutes
  4. Take a chilly walk with good music
  5. Deep breaths
  6. Eat pre-cut fruit out of a Tupperware container
  7. Drink some cool water with no ice
  8. Speed-declutter all surfaces
  9. Make the bed!!!!
  10. Lip scrub + lip balm
  11. Open the window and light a scented candle
  12. Hold a grounding object (like a smooth stone or curved piece of plastic)
  13. Pet Mr. Fuzzy Wuzzy (not his real name)
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