1. Firm handshakes
  2. Fresh flowers in the house
  3. Sharing a knowing glance with a stranger when someone's acting weird on the train
  4. Road trip naps
  6. Being called "Miss" instead of "Ma'am"
  7. When the bread basket at a restaurant has something fun in it, like muffins
  8. Having your hair played with
  9. People who pay attention
  10. Walking past a stranger wearing the same thing as you and smiling at each other
  11. Cat purrs
  12. When your apartment smells like fresh air from leaving the window open
  13. Crossing something off of a to-do list
  14. Watching something so funny you laugh out loud when no one else is around
  15. Runner's high
  16. Christmas music in November
  17. Returning from a trip to a clean, quiet apartment
  18. The Chris Gethard Show
  19. The sounds and smells of garlic sizzling
  20. Someone unexpected laughing at your joke
  21. li.st