Inspired by @jhope71
  1. Name
    Tyler Faith Feder
  2. Goes by
    Tyler, Ty, Tylie, TFed, @roaringsoftly, that lady with the cat hair all over her coat no like a LOT of cat hair does she even own a lint roller??
  3. DOB/height/weight
    April 19 1989/5'8"/1000000 lbs
  4. Loves
    Art, cold pasta, the little "mmm mmm" sound Colbert makes when he eats stuff on his show
  5. Hates
    This old lady who rolled her eyes at me on the bus last week after I accidentally bumped into her knee and immediately apologized! What was her deal!! She made me feel so bad!
  6. Will admit
    Nothing 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻
  7. Is curious about
    The origins of the flavor blue raspberry, how to become best friends with Aidy Bryant
  8. In the near future will
    Finally be able to reveal a very exciting thing! In the very near future will take out the trash and recycling
  9. Really wants to
    Go to the top of a tall mountain alone and scream into the abyss for a few hours 🙂