It's the mooost wonderful tiiime of the yeeeear
  1. Twinkle lights!!!
  2. We are ENCOURAGED to be COZY
  3. I can wear my favorite uniform of baggy sweaters and blanket scarves all the live long day
  4. Rosy cheeks are cute
  5. Foods are warm and cinnamony and gingery and pepperminty
  6. My hair doesn't get (as) frizzy outside
  7. Staying home with cocoa and romantic comedies instead of going out is not just for weenies like me
  8. Snow is beautiful
  9. Leaves changing colors are beautiful
  10. Renegade Craft Fairs aplenty
  11. Festive lattes at Starbucks
  12. Stuffing is a thing
  13. Getting gifts for people I love
  14. Work is busy as hell so I'm not as stressed about money as usual
  15. No talk of "bikini season"
  16. Chanukah is the most nostalgic of holidays
  17. The smell of cold air 👌🏼
  18. We encourage children to believe in magic on Halloween and Christmas
  19. Superior candle scents at Bath and Body Works to the rest of the year
  20. The feeling of coming in from the cold into a warm apartment is like a drug
  21. Thick socks