1. Scratches and sniffs
  2. Let's the toothpaste fall off the toothbrush into the sink then picks it back up with the toothbrush and continues on as if nothin happened
  3. Is probably goin down in your best friends DM's sending the "👅" emoji and nothing else
  4. Has pornhub and xtube show up on his recent history from 5 minutes ago
  5. Missed his last child support payment
  6. Deliberately didn't wipe his ass because he claimed he was in a rush
  7. Read your message on Wednesday and still hasn't replied but accepts his ex girls FaceTime after the second ring
  8. Is on Grindr with a 2007 Mazda that's not even his as his profile pic
  9. Has toenails on his bed
  10. Forgets he has flamin hot cheeto dust on his fingers
  11. Is more than likely a damn BUM