1. Why were we chasing Carmen San Diego?
  2. I've never eaten a Fig Newton...or a fig
  3. Taco cat is a palindrome
  4. I think people are misusing the extra letters they get in the Wheel of Fortune final
  5. Are we supposed to find Kevin James attractive in Hitch?
  6. Is it weird if I watch Elf on July 7th?
  7. I just saw a commercial for a movie where Kevin Spacey is turned into a cat by Christopher Walken, I don't know how to feel right now
  8. I'm still very proud that I was Time Person of the Year in 2006 and can't wait to taunt my children about this
  9. How do yo-yos work? Has anyone ever gotten laid because they were good at yo-yoing?
  10. Why are identical twins so creepy?
  11. How do blankets work?