1. What grades were these people in??
    I imagine Cameron was a sophomore with Bianca, but he had a prom invite so he had to be at least a junior right?? What grades were the Taming of the Shrew characters in???
  2. Why are students getting in trouble for being excited about a poetry assignment and singing 60's classics in the football stadium?
  3. Why aren't students getting into trouble for shooting their gym teachers with arrows or flashing him either?
    Aren't this misdemeanors at least??
  4. Would the flashing plan actually win a soccer game?
    If yes, maybe this is why my high school's soccer team wasn't good!
  5. Were Bogey Lowenstein's parents upset about the broken glass door, tobacco filled vase, etc.?
  6. How did the flyers for his party fall so perfectly down the staircase?
  7. How much was guidance counselor Allison Janney getting paid to write an erotic novel on school property?
    Also I will never read a book that uses the word "bratwurst"
  8. Why on earth did Letters to Cleo play a high school prom?
  9. Does Shakespeare like this movie as much as I do??
  10. "I know you can be overwhelmed, and I know you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?"