1. Venus and Serena Williams
    Apple Store in Palo Alto
  2. Carrie Underwood
    Plane from Nashville to Minneapolis
  3. Zosia Mamet
    Union Square SoulCycle
  4. Bill Cosby
    Streets of New York (hoping to delete this when this list expands...)
  5. Uma Thurman
    On a cruise
  6. David Guetta
    Plane from St. Louis to Minneapolis, pre-Sexy Bitch
  7. Doug McDermott
    Lisa's Radial Cafe (he didn't get seated...)
  8. Katherine Heigl
    At a restaurant in Nashville. Also my mom called her "Dr. Izzie" and she did NOT like that.
  9. Ramona Singer
    She and Mario were with Avery when she visited my college