**who are rumored to have dated/married a Kardashian/Jenner. Also this team would be soooooo terrible but I would pay sooooo much money to see them play.
  1. Starting at point guard, standing at 6'5" from The Ohio State University, number 0, D'ANGELO RUSSELLLLLLLL
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    Dated Kendall in the fall of 2015
  2. And at shooting guard, standing at 6'5" from Arizona State University, number 13, JAMES HARRRRRRRRDEN
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    Dating Khloé, summer 2015 to present(?)
  3. At small forward, standing at 6'10" from the University of Florida, number 25, CHANDLERRRRRR PARSONS
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    Kendall Jenner during summer of 2015. This is also hilarious because James Harden hates Chandler Parsons.
  4. The starting power forward, standing at 6'9" from the University of Minnesota, number 43, KRIS HUMMMMMMPHRIES
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    Married to Kim, 72 days in Fall of 2011
  5. And at center, standing at 6'10" from the University of Rhode Island, number 7, LAMARRRRRRRRR OOOOOODOM
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    Married to Khloé, Fall 2009 to present(?)
  6. Thanks for attending the game everyone, stick around for the performance of "Rack City" by your favorite rapper TYYYYYYYGAAAA
    Hard pass. Also Tyga is an abbrev for Thank You God Always????????