1. Love,
    Whoa, Tim, supes aggressive
  2. God bless,
    Ok tone it back, Sister Mary Clarence
  3. Cheers,
    Oh when did you move to London, Jeff??
  4. From,
    I know it's from you, Tanya. Gmail tells me in the notification.
  5. Warmly,
    GTFO Becca
  6. -(name)
    You can do better than that, Frances
  7. Cordially,
    Alright, Susan, is this an invitation to brunch or to the Queen's Jubille??
  8. Regards,
    Umm ok well I acknowledge you too, Mark
  9. Sincerely,
    Thank you for letting me know you're telling the truth, Ken
  10. Thanks/thank you/thanks again,
    You're welcome, Barb!
  11. Have a great weekend/day/night,
    Like, is this a command, Paul? (One of my go-tos)
  12. Respectfully,
    That's right!! Respect me, Allyson!!!!!!!
  13. Deuces,
    ✌🏼️ to you too, Colby
  14. Nothing