Wowowow how have I never been to one of these shows it was so great I lost my voice and all of my emotions so just trying to comprehend what happened really quickly
  1. Hailee Steinfeld
    Umm ok Haiz you did not lip sync well so you're stuck here
  2. DNCE
    I don't really understand why we're still trying to make this group happen. Joe Jonas did have a really good stage presence, so maybe he'll find some actually good songs to match?
  3. Charlie Puth
    Tbh I went to bathroom and accidentally bought a Zedd shirt during this boner kill set
  4. Shawn Mendez
    Ok Stitches isn't bad, but I don't get why so many bitches were screaming so much for this infant
  5. R. City
    Still have no idea who these guys are but they were so appreciative of the opportunity to perform/play We Can't Stop and BBHMM
  6. Fall Out Boy
    I'm not a big fan like @kasey_johnson, but starting off with Sugar We're Going Down was almost lethal for me
  7. Tove Lo
    Stay High remix is def better than the original, but Ms. Lo was a stellar start to the night
  8. Becky G
    If you ever thought to yourself "I don't need to see Shower live" you are incorrect. Also I definitely broke a sweat so thanks Beck!!
  9. Calvin Harris
    I mean, of course this was amazing and I screamed and jumped and screamed the entire 20 minutes, but I can't put a Katy Perry hater in the top 3 for this concert group
  10. Nick Jonas
    This kid is a rockstar. Still speechless.
  11. Demi Lovato
    Wowowowowow so I got really short of breath during her set and I thought I was actually having a heart attack and Demi is a goddess and I'm so happy to have Her Majesty on this planet
  12. Zedd
    YOU ARE A PIECE OF MEEEEEEEE I WISH I DIDN'T NEEEEEEEED. I can't stress enough how important seeing Zedd live is for you all.