I think they're meant to be!!!!!
  1. Her: "I do acting in high school, but I'm not like a child star"
  2. Him: "my dad was really disappointed when I turned down all of my baseball scholarships."
  3. Her: "basketball is so much more fun to play than watch"
  4. Her: "I don't waste time thinking about people I don't care about"
    This made me gasp, it was so beautiful
  5. Her: "why are you putting pressure on me, I didn't ask to be born"
  6. Her: "I'm in this rebellious phase, but I am more mature than my mom"
  7. Him: "my ultimate goal is to go back to my alma mater and coach there"
    But don't worry, he hates kids!!
  8. Her: "so are you religious" Him: "no" Her: "cool, well maybe not cool" Him: "are you?" Her: "you know, I have no idea"
    What is happening
  9. Him: "Trump actually has some good ideas"
    Please send help 🆘 🆘
  10. Her: "all of the ideas I have for if I was president would not help the country"
    Ok maybe save sentences like this for at least the 4th date??
  11. Her: "did you know that at the rate the population is growing, we're going to run out of food in 10 years?"
    Ok these people NEED to read a book
  12. Her: "I want more than 1 kid"
    You're 17, calm down
  13. Her: "I think I'd be a good nascar driver, but I'd never put someone else's life in danger." Him: "it sounds like you'd be a really good delivery worker"
  14. Her: "it's actually annoying how many places I walk into and they just offer me a job. But my mom doesn't let me have a job, so she pays me 50 dollars a week to clean my room"
    This is making so much sense now
  15. Him: "I think you're the perfect amount of extrovert"
    Excuse me, are you a young Nora Ephron??
  16. Her: "and then they got pissed because I released all of their deepest, darkest secrets"
    Whoa I really should have waited to refill my water, can I ask her to rewind??
  17. She's talking about her experiences in therapy and HE TRIED TO HOLD HER HAND BUT SHE PUSHED IT AWAY
  18. She texted a kid she has to tutor at 1 that's she's going to be late, so things are looking up again!
  19. Her: "I'd rather fill their brains with knowledge than with, like, imagination"
  20. Him: "seeing a ghost is definitely on my bucket list"
    Wowowow are these people DTS (down to seance)??