SPOILER ALERT: I hold grudges
  1. This cashier who I purchased plums and ice cream from once and she said "well at least plums are healthy..."
    Then she checked me out the next week and said we should have a medical practice together (I bought a lot more things so we went a lot deeper) as if I didn't remember our previous conversation.
  2. This girl I went to college with and had a lot of mutual friends with and we were the same major and sat near each other in so many classes, but then she pretended to never have seen me before when I saw her a year after graduation at a party in Omaha
    I aggressively called her out because I WILL NOT be out-power moved, especially in Nebraska. I woke up the next morning to a friend request, and I accepted physically but not emotionally.
  3. Katherine Heigl
    My mom calling you "Izzie" DID NOT warrant the sass you gave her in return.
  4. The desk worker at this hostel in Prague who double booked our beds and all he would compensate was "free breakie" after we found strangers in our bunks at 3 am coming back from out
    My friend who booked the hostel should be on this list, but he was served karma when he didn't sleep at all the next night because a drunk French girl got locked in a bathroom and was screaming hysterically for 2 hours until she finally broke the door down, but my deep sleeping went undisturbed.
  5. This man who sells roses in restaurants in Omaha and very intensely solicited me in the Flatiron Cafe
    Omaha has a 4 story/poor-man's Flat Iron building if you you didn't know!
  6. This guy in my fraternity who got pissed at me when I was social chair and woke me up at 3 am the night before I had a football game because I didn't get Mike Posner to come to the house after our Fall concert
    Dude, Mike Posner sucks!
  7. This girl from Navy training who insisted my group was in the wrong uniform of the day one morning when I was on 2 hours of sleep
    Thanks for the concern the first time, but we tripled-checked the handbook and we're doing fine.
  8. This girl from college that was overseeing this big construction philanthropy event my fraternity was involved with who tried to say it was unsafe for me to go in the 16 foot roof of this structure to secure a tarp before a rainstorm to save our building, but then she looked at her phone the entire time I was up there instead of watching my safety
    She also adamantly used the word "muploads" which is a deal breaker in itself.
  9. This man who knows my mom that we saw him at this restaurant when I was 7 or so, and he put ketchup on a plate and then salt on top and told me to "feel the heat coming off it" and slammed my hand into the ketchup
    Obviously still traumatized to this day.
  10. My med school professor who said that James Dean only made one good movie
    This happened yesterday but he flew right on this list.
  11. All bathroom attendants