Well I'm proud I'm following at least one of these two things.....
  1. Hillary Clinton
    Erika Jayne. These women are strong, intelligent, and rock a pant/body suit. They are both married to very powerful men as well.
  2. Bernie Sanders
    Lisa Vanderpump. Loud, LGBT rights activists, old af....
  3. Donald Trump
    Lisa Rinna. Sooooooo thirsty for attention, loose lips (literally and figuratively). Also they both make me sick to my stomach.
  4. Ted Cruz
    Kyle Richards. Both are shit-stirrers, both have wealthy spouses.
  5. Marco Rubio
    Kathryn Edwards. Relative newcomers, prone to putting feet in their mouths.
  6. John Kasich
    Yolanda Foster. Multiple marriages, they tend to keep in the background but come out swinging if needed. Both have a blonde and a brunette daughter.
  7. Dr. Ben Carson
    Eileen (don't know her last name and I refuse to learn it). Literal nobodies. They both put me to sleep.