I left last week from my hometown in Minnesota heading to Phoenix where I'll be finishing my last two years of med school! And obviously I had to make a few stops along the way:
  1. Weirdest bathroom break destination in history
    Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD
  2. Then went to this weird store my mom told me to go to
    Wall Drug in Wall, SD
  4. Badlands Nat'l Park
  5. Mt. Rushmore of course
  6. Did what snapchat filters were made for
  7. Moving south now
  8. This AMAZING biscuit sandwich
  9. The Denver Mint was full, so I freaked out and went to the Molly Brown Museum??
  10. Driving
  11. Still driving
  12. And now for some hiking...
  13. Delicate Arch
  14. Landscape Arch
  15. Hiked the Narrows at Zion the next day
  16. Early morning hike to Angel's Landing
    Easily one of the coolest/scariest things I've ever done
  17. Made it!!
  18. But went to Las Vegas less than 24 hours later and JUST HAPPENED TO STUMBLE ACROSS A CLUB WITH A LAST MINUTE KESHA CONCERT
  19. I meannnnnnnnn how could I pass this up??
    Also the song playing when we walked into the club was "My Neck, My Back" soooo that was a sign from above if I've ever had one before
  20. But now back in Phx waiting for school to start and trying not to melt!