@kasey_johnson and I were obsessed with how date is a homonym and we really thought this idea was hilarious/would make us famous
  1. So we asked fake questions from our friends
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  2. And also from funny people we love on Twitter
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    Great question, @sophia!
  3. Spoiler: still not famous, but we tried!!
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  6. #truth
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  8. So embarrassed that she deleted her Twitter!
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  10. This one doesn't make sense in retrospect but I don't think any of them do soooo
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  13. This is probably the one good piece of advice we gave? Credit to @kasey_johnson, of course
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  15. Poor @keonovak!!
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  18. And yes, we occasionally still use this account....
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    Fuck deglets! Medjools for lyfeeeeee!!