These are embarrassingly from memory so take the quotation marks with a grain of salt
  1. Jwoww: "You can stay and get your ass beat, or you can stay and get your ass beat, or you can stay and get your ass beat" - Jersey Shore
    I'll take the second plz
  2. Lo: "These guys called us sluts" Kristin: "Well Lauren looks like a slut" - Laguna Beach
    This show deserves its own list of quotes
  3. Brooke: "You know what Jenn, you're a fucking bitch just like Colie" Jenn: "thanks Brooke, thank you for letting me know where I stand. I don't give a fuck about you." B: "I don't give a fuck about you either, you trashy bitch." - The Real World: Denver
    A friend and I recited this whole fight very convincingly in a bar and had to get separated
  4. Casting director in NYC after Christina screeched Only Hope: "So that audition was about 3.5 minutes too long" - Laguna Beach
    Dead Mandy Moore is probably rolling over in her grave from this
  5. Emilee: "Drink yourself off a cliff" Jasmine: "Go take another Adderall" E: "Why did you tell me to take an Adderall?" J: "You told me to drink myself off a cliff." - The Real World: Cancun
    Completely underrated season
  6. JoJo: "This is my gold record on the floor. My platinum record comes soon and I'll probably hang that up" - JoJo's episode of MTV Cribs
    Some might argue that this most magnificent segment in TV history
  7. Rocky: "Why do you look so sad?" Alex: "Why are you wearing all blue??" - Laguna Beach
    Season 3 deep dive nbd
  8. Coral after Julie challenged her to wrestle on the lawn: "I don't wrestle. I fucking beat bitches up!" - Real World/Road Rules Challenge
    The Inferno season maybe???
  9. Lauren: "I want to forgive you, and then I want to forget you" - The Hills
    Then re-quoted by me 7000 times