I honestly don't know what most of these mean
  1. Too much cheese (not enough time)
  2. (I want) All of the credit but none of the work
  3. Do you have this in my size?
  4. I'm sweating
  5. Breaking necks and cashing checks
  6. Couldn't you have gotten pregnant before unfriended you?
  7. Please don't talk to me while my headphones are in
    This song is just 27 minutes of silence
  8. I can't, I'm busy (watching Top Chef), but have fun!
  9. Get your engagement ring (out of my face)
  10. 👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼👐🏼
  11. Hummus, more like Yum-mus
  12. You'd better stop hiccuping soon...
  13. Only Hope (Mandy Moore cover)
    Duet with Christina from season 1 of Laguna Beach